This is St Pete Unfiltered

In 2015 the City of St Petersburg, Florida began operations to permanently close 25-percent of its human waste treatment capacity. In the summer of 2016 three significant rain events caused the city to dump and spill more than 200-million gallons of raw, untreated sewage into Tampa Bay and the surrounding surface waters. in addition to these spills and discharges, the city pumped, and is still pumping, more than 800-million gallons into the Florida Aquifer with the use of injection wells, threatening the city's drinking waters.

St. Petersburg's spills and tepid response to them lead to a lawsuit that is still pending and an Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission investigation that found the city was willfully and knowingly responsible for 89 felonies and 103 misdemeanors in violation of the Clean Water Act. These crimes have gone unpunished and the city's current administration continues to drag its feet and fight against a consent decree that would rectify the causes of these spills and ensure court oversight of future progress.

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